Thursday, 17 March 2011

solar panels


Solar Juice is one of the largest Distributors in Australia of Solar Grid Connect Kits. These consist of Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, Solar Mounting Systems and Balance of Systems.
Solar Juice Pty Ltd is an Australian owned solar power company focused on delivering renewable energy products to Australians across the nation. Our commitment is to deliver a premium level of service and support and to provide a premium quality product that will stand
 the test of time.Solar Modules through Silex Solar – The only Australian made module available on the market. Solar Juice is proud to be the foundation distributor for Silex Solar and it’s largest distributor Australia wide. Solar Modules through BYD - A company with a market cap of USD 17 B and fantastic credentials within the renewables sector – Solar Juice is proud to be the preferred partner of BYD in Australia
Solar Juice supplies premium solar modules manufactured by reputable companies -
Inverters through Power One – Reliable, Flexible and a proven track record in Australian conditions – head and shoulders above most inverters on the market today. Inverters through SMA - The largest global supplier of inverters and undoubtedly a proven product in Australia.
Our Guarantee is that every system will:
Reduce your power bills instantly and possibly eliminate them – as soon as your solar system is installed you begin generating electricity from sunlight. This is either used to power your home or exported to the grid if you are away.
Allow you to sell excess power that your system generates for a profit – electricity prices are on the rise, for any excess power that is generated you can be paid almost 4 times what you buy it from making this a smart investment.
Receive Generous state and federal incentives – depending on where you live you will be eligible for both federal or state incentives
Do it’s bit for the environment and future generations of Australians – reducing our use of fossil fuels and our impact on future generations can only be seen as a positive.
Our products are all fully warranted in Australia and supported by a network of retailers who believe in delivery the highest level of service.


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